Core values


 People may be wooed by the company, but they are married to its corporate values. When the company's and the employees' values are aligned, you get a committed and motivated workforce.

Our 4 Core Values serve as a guiding principle in the way we operate our business and cultivate our relationships, resulting in the fulfilment of our brand promise. 

Karen Tok

Founder & Advisor



  • We exist because we believe in people's potential that can be realised and maximised through development and opportunity.

  • We embrace diversity that inspires a breadth of ideas and perspectives each individual brings to their work.

  • We uphold integrity and transparency in all our actions, so the partnerships we form are genuine and meaningful.



  • We take pride in our engagements and believe in creating loyalty by outperforming our competition to provide superior experience.

  • We take ownership over our role in ensuring long-term success through achieved results and continued improvement.

  • Empowered by our autonomy, we pursue new challenges and opportunities to grow professionally and as individuals.



  • We are insight-driven experts in our specialisations combining rich experience, market data and applied knowledge.

  • We listen intelligently to gain a deeper understanding of stakeholder needs and challenges. 

Entrepreneurial drive

  • We encourage breakthrough thinking which introduces new, creative approaches that overcome constraints and raise the bar.

  • Being adaptable and resourceful makes us well-suited to approach challenges uniquely and seek innovative solutions.



Since our inception in 2001, we have grown strength to strength by living out our core values and delivering customer satisfaction through a robust, consistent employee engagement strategy. We have consciously built a fun, rewarding and meaningful culture where our people are highly motivated and well-engaged. 

Beyond a competitive remuneration package, we recognise sales and non-sales team members for their contributions in multiple facets, with annual awards such as Division Champion, Brand Ambassador, Core Values Champion, Candidate Servicing Champion, Best Project Manager, Best Hunter, Social Media Power User, Growth Catalyst, etc.

We invest in training and development activities to ensure our talents are continually growing; thus unlocking their potential to perform and increasing their capacity to contribute. 

Besides the official training, there are plenty of opportunities created for everyone to learn from one another. The management team has successfully provided a conducive learning environment that even the leaders are not afraid to learn from their junior members. This forms an environment of

co-operation and support, which I think is rare in today's workplace. 

The leadership coaching also gave me the confidence to step up to lead a large team in a very short span of time, aided with professional training in areas such as negotiation skills and time management. ScienTec is truly a great place to work at!

Shennon Loh

Consulting Manager

corporate social responsibility 

We stay true to our belief in putting "People First, Always" by collaborating with different welfare groups such as Bethesda Care and Counselling Services Centre (BCCSS) to touch deserving communities, from the pioneer generation to children with special needs.

While the idea is to give back to the community, I feel that I have received so much in return. This is my first time participating in a CSR event with ScienTec. It is encouraging to know how eager and convicted my colleagues are to make a difference as individuals and as a company.

Zoey Jamal

Recruitment Consultant


Engaging with Elderly

Sprucing Up Homes

Interacting with Children

Sprucing Up Homes

Sharing Love with Community

Interested to be part of our CSR initiatives? Reach us at WeCare[at]

Tripartite Standards singapore

ScienTec is committed towards creating a fair and progressive workplace!

We have adopted the Tripartite Standard on the Employment of Term Contract Employees, Flexible Work ArrangementsGrievance Handling and Recruitment Practices are committed to be a fair and progressive employer.

Join us as we have pledged to differentiate ourselves to offer you an enhancement of key employment and workplace best practices.


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